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Today’s yak.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

International Yak Association (IYAK) is poised to triumph! The 8 year growth trend continues. North American Yak Registry (NAYR), IYAK membership and Conference attendance is up! Yak prices have never been better and demand for yak meat is at an all time high. 

Our members are saying "We're selling out before the calves are even hitting the ground." and "It's a great time to be getting into Tibetan yak." 

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See You in Denver.

January 23 - January 26, 2019

The National Western Stock Show (NWSS) is the biggest event in the livestock industry and it is our biggest annual event. It’s an opportunity to show our animals, buy and sell yak and products, and meet our friends. This is the place to be in January! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Denver this year!

The National Western Stock Show office-admin (NWSS) receives more calls and emails inquiring about yak and the IYAK halter show, than any other species! This is why NWSS approached us to highlight yak and include IYAK in the 2018 parade and the rodeo. Everyone who brought animals to the 2018 show sold them. We anticipate another banner year in 2019 with new energy and exciting new seminars!

IYAK has moved fast in 2018 and we have exciting news to report at the 2019 Winter Conference. I encourage everyone to come out to meet new and old members and hear about our new developments in our seminars. Riding an 8 year growth trend and increasing yak prices, last years IYAK conference attendance was up 12%, with 121 new registrations, a 10% increase.

Registration is now open!



registration is Now open!

Tuesday December 4, 2018

Stock Show Registration OPEN

Annual Membership Meeting and Banquet registration OPEN

December 8th, 2019

Sponsors Registration OPEN

Thursday January 10, 2019

Annual Membership Meeting and Banquet registration CLOSED

Tuesday January 15, 2019

Stock Show Registration CLOSED

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DECEMBER 24, 2019

IYAK Members Discounts are no longer available