What I've learned from (and about) Yaks 111

I’m no expert but when spring is in the air everyone seems to get excited! The people I see out and about seem to be smiling more and then there is the evidence of elation in all creatures. We see the massive flocks of birds return from more southern locales. Instead of the silence of the winter we hear chirping, honking, and a cacophony of song. The squirrels are once again racing up and down and all around our trees.

The muck of spring…

The muck of spring…



On our farm we are all excited. The alpacas start to emerge from the recesses of the barn where they have huddled for the majority of the winter when the sun shows its face with more intensity. The chickens ramp up their egg production after a long winter of limited eggs at collection time.

The yaks look up expectantly every time a gate is opened or closed, hoping to be turned out to pasture once again.

All of these species take advantage of the glorious sunshine baring their bellies for a bit of vitamin D.


Calving season has begun for us this year. We just hope the deliveries come on one of the seasonally warm days rather than on one of our frequent relapses to the bitter wintery weather.


As we enjoy the melting and thawing, there is also the stage of farm work with a extra push of physical labor. Mostly there is the clean up and repair. Months of being frozen and buried in snow are followed by the toil of raking, shoveling, and removing a lot of debris (mostly manure).


Spring is a rebirth. We wait hopefully for the unfurling of new buds on trees. Sometimes it seems it will never come. Then, all of a sudden, we are green again.

Happy Spring!




My husband and I have raised our family of 6 children in our favorite place on earth, Tully, NY.  Sixteen years ago we built our home and decided we wanted to raise livestock. He was raised on a dairy farm and my father was a veterinarian, so animals were a part of who we were and we wanted our kids to know the value of a hard days’ work.  Our first venture was with alpacas. We did it all: breeding, vet bills, shows, seminars, trips, visits, and a lot of buying and selling. Of course there were ups and downs with mistakes and successes along the way.

Being on the iyak board is an honor and I promise to do my best.  I am still learning as I go and am awed by the knowledge and dedication of the board members.  As I become more comfortable with my role, I hope to be able to contribute more.