Photo by Su Cowen of  Sisu Ranch

Photo by Su Cowen of Sisu Ranch

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Steering Committees

To Preserve, Promote, and Protect Yak through Policy. These committees are focused on creating public policy for IYAK and making decisions to develop a thriving IYAK community for the future. Steering Committees decide on the priorities or order of business of an organization and manage the general course of its operations.


Health Committees

To Preserve, Promote, and Protect Yak Health. These committees are concerned with the health and well being of the IYAK herd and are interesting in educating the community and preserving the quality of living for yak, the breeders and their consumers.


Yak Health Committee

Sandra Matheson DVM, Matheson Farms

Mike Swartz, Turkey Hill Yaks

Genome Committee

Larry Richards (Chair) Living Diamonds Ranch

Nicole Porter-Salvato, PhD, Prairie Sky Ranch

Meat Nutrition Committee

Doug David, Bow Creek Ranch

Daniele Gardner, Pettee Ranch

Fiber Committee

Melodee Smith, Clear Spring Farm

Patricia Young, Yaks In The Cradle Farm

Wini Labrecque, advisor

Science Advisors:

Dr. Mike Heaton, USDA, GeneSeek,

Hasan Khatib, PhD, Chair, Animal Science, University Wisconsin Madison

Jessica Petersen, PhD, ANSC Animal Genetics and Genomics Lab, University Nebraska Lincoln

John Buchweitz, PhD. Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Department of Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation, Michigan State University.


Outreach Committees

To Preserve, Promote, and Protect Yak through Outreach. These committees focus on outreach to members, media and the population in general. They are concerned with providing resources that will help educate everyone on this special animal, our unique yak population and its global significance.


History Committee

Dianne Latona (Chair)