IYAK Fiber Arts


New IYAK Fiber Experts and Opportunities in 2019

Wini was on fire again this year during the IYAK Winter Conference at the 2019 NWSS. Her seminar was clear, deep and thorough. Packed with information, innovation and practical instructions. What a great speaker and mentor! IYAK is very grateful to have such a knowledgable and enthusiastic expert dedicated to the yak fiber experience.

At the banquet she told me “IYAK is stuck with me for the long term.” I say “Halleluja”. And bow in gratitude.

There is so much interest, energy and advancement popping in the IYAK Fiber arena right now, There are many new opportunities on the horizon: innovative products in development, new IYAK co-op milling sources, quality training opportunities and expert resources available. I encourage everyone to stay tuned to the IYAK blog and Fiber page for Patricia Young’s blog posts, in conjunction with Wini Labrecque and Elizabeth Taylor.

If you have any questions, contact Patricia Young, Fiber Arts Coordinator at: info@yaklady.com