The IYAK Foundation

To IYAK Members

The Board of Trust members are foundational and integral to IYAK. They have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the association as donors and fundraisers. This list is by no means comprehensive, and we will expand it as we complete further historical research.

Current IYAK members owe much to Board of Trust Members for their ongoing dedication and expert guidance. We have acknowledged their legacy, senior membership and ongoing support here as a Founding Board of Trust in the IYAK Foundation. They are valuable members and their advice is appreciated as we look forward, contemplating IYAKs future.

To IYAK Board of Trust Members

Thank you for your contribution to the IYAK association, and it’s development and growth. We appreciation your support, dedication and loyalty. Please know your efforts, goodwill, and contributions are inspiring and recognized. We thank you.

Lifetime Members of the board of trust for the IYAK Foundation*

Diamond Members (gifting at $5,000)


The Shriner’s

The Steiner’s

Jm Watson

Platinum Members (gifting at $1,000)


Tom Hanson

John Hooper

Jerry McRoberts

Nicole and Dan Salvato

Mike Schwartz

Jandy and Brad Sprouce

Larry Richards

Gold Members (gifting at $500)


Holly Modjeski

Dianne Latona

Silver Members (gifting at less than $500)

  • if anyone has been left off of this list, cited incorrectly, or misrepresented in any way, please contact us at to update your information.