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The Huffington Post


04/21/2016 10:21 am ET Updated Apr 21, 2016

Sorry, Internet: A Man Didn’t Buy A Yak While High On Sleeping Pills

IYAK farm’s owner's Kyle & Wendy Jorgensen say: “We don’t sell yaks over the internet." But it turns out that the journalists who reported were the ones snoozing: The story is fake, according to the people who supposedly sold the yak.On April 11, a Reddit user named carefree_dude posted a story about how a friend of a friend ended up purchasing a live Golden Tibetan yak online for $3,075.99 from Yaks N Things, a yak farm based out of Clintonville, Wisconsin.



This Michigan couple made millions and traveled the world raising yaks and alpacas

 9:41 AM ET Thu, 4 Jan 2018

Past IYAK Board Members "Brad and Jandy Sprouse are the owners of Great Lakes Ranch, a sprawling homestead in Leelanau County, Mich., surrounded by thousands of acres of empty pine forests, lakes and rivers. The couple's idyllic home is also the headquarters of the Sprouses' business: breeding Tibetan Yak."


The Spokesman-Review


Mon., May 19, 2014

Idaho rancher, yak an inseparable duo

IYAK Rancher Lynn Taylor says "he wanted to raise something fun and exotic, not your standard cows or sheep. He had no idea a decade later his “life partner” would be a 1,140-pound Tibetan yak that he rides in the mountains, drives around in a cart behind his ATV and invites into his home for a few dog treats on the couch."

BRING me the News

The 'Yak Man' of Cold Spring calls it a career

MAY 14, 2014

This article asks "Not familiar with yaks? Here's some background from the International Yak Association, where John Hooper is a former president."

"Yaks are native to central Asia, particularly Tibet where they are the national animal. Hooper says many Tibetans living in Minnesota have visited his farm over the years to see the animals ... the St. Cloud Times reports ... and In 2012 he told the Dairyland Peach ... In 2008 he told MPR News ..."




By David Erickson

By David Erickson

The Billings Gazette

Jun 29, 2016

Montana rancher raises prized breeding Tibetan yaks

IYAK founding member, "Lawrence Richards stands with one of 70 Tibetan yaks on his Living Diamond Ranch outside of Polson. Richards started the ranch in 1988. Since then, a few of the animals traveled to South America to film a scene with Brad Pitt for the movie “Seven Years in Tibet.” Richards has breed several award-winning yaks and also provides yak meat for local grocery stores and restaurants in the Flathead and Missoula regions."


Farm Show Magazine

2016 - Volume #40, Issue #3, Page #07

Yaks Paying Off For This Small Farm

IYAK member Craig Dischinger of Hot Disch Farm, LLC. says "When corn prices rose and the cost of raising beef cattle showed more red than black in 2012, Craig Dischinger and his family became yak farmers. “I read articles about yak, visited with producers, and bought some meat to see how it tasted,” says Dischinger. “It was the best red meat I’d ever had, so that pretty much sold me.”


By Craig Dischinger, Hot Disch Farm, LLC, 12001 Hwy. 23 S.W., Raymond, Minn. 56282 (ph 320 420-4012;

By Craig Dischinger, Hot Disch Farm, LLC, 12001 Hwy. 23 S.W., Raymond, Minn. 56282 (ph 320 420-4012;


THe National Post

December 29, 2017; 8:59 PM EST

The bizarre story of Canada's lost, doomed scheme to import Indian yaks for Inuit to farm

The plan was to introduce the yaks to the Inuit people of Ungava Bay, in northern Quebec, in a late-colonial effort to wean them from their traditional ways of life



10 November, 2009

High Road To Tibet

"A yak train near Everest Base Camp in Tibet. People in Tibet use yaks for milk, meat, and carrying goods. See more at BBC News. 10 April, 2015"

By John Dwyer

By John Dwyer


Calling all yak lovers!

September 5, 2017

International Yak Association BOD member says "Raising yaks is growing in popularity by the day, with more than 60 breeders in Colorado alone, several of which will exhibit live animals at the event. The rugged animals, originally from the Himalayas, are well suited to the terrain and conditions of high altitude Colorado."