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IYAK Fiber State-of-the-Art

“So what do you do with a yak?” This is probably the first question that we all get after  “Is that a buffalo in your pasture?” Once you establish the fact that no, those beautiful animals aren’t buffalo, but Tibetan yak, people immediately want to know why we raise them, and what they are good for. So, the conversation starts rolling along and we, as breeders, spend most of the rest of the conversation discussing the fact that in addition to these animals being aesthetically handsome, they are easy and fun to raise, and that yak truly fall into what we call “ an end use livestock model.”

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What I've Learned from (and about) Yaks 104

The Tibetan people relied on them heavily for everyday life (and some still do).  Every part of the yak was utilized. They milked them and made cheese and yogurt with the milk.  They combed out their fiber to spin into yarn. The hides were used. Even the manure was collected and dried to use as fuel.  They ate the yak meat. Tibetans rode yaks and used them as pack animals.

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