USDA Yak Meat

USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has officially decided to grant the IYAK petition of September 3, 2014 to add yak to the list of exotic species eligible for voluntary inspection in the United States.

This is a big win for IYAK and the yak industry in the US, allowing us to continue to supply the public with a healthy product that is professionally inspected by USDA.

Thanks are due, first of all to IYAK members for being engaged and contacting their elected representatives to make this happen. And to USDA FSIS for working with IYAK in a professional manner and resolving this issue in a reasonable and beneficial way.

We just changed federal law. Our government worked. Be proud and thankful. A special thanks to Jim Watson who drove relentlessly to make this happen.



Former Owner of Great Lakes Ranch, Great Lakes Ranch Fiber Shed and Fashion Store. Now retired.

Jandy and Brad Sprouse are lifetime members of IYAK. Jandy has been one of the forerunners and leaders of the growing fiber industry at IYAK. Brad was involved in the early days of both the alpaca and yak associations before there were any registries. In fact, Brad owned the very fist registered yak, Sgt. Pepper, when the IYAK registry opened up.

Two years ago they sold the alpaca and last year the yak herd - the ranch is for sale and they are aiming towards retirement! Now they live in their dream house on Lake Michigan with 70,000 acres of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park right next door. When the stock trailer, the final piece of ranch equipment finally left, it was a bitter sweet moment.

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