Judging Criteria For Yak Fiber 2019

Entry Requirements and Judging Criteria For Yak Hand Spun Skein & Fiber Arts Entries National Western Stock Show, 2019

All entries must contain at least 50% yak fiber and must include a 3x5 card containing the following information: Fiber content and percentage; preparation and intended use; construction techniques 


1.     Preparation for exhibit and overall appearance (10%)

Skeins - clean, properly skeined and tied, notation of yardage and/or weight, blocked if necessary. Fiber Arts - clean, blocked and finished with no threads hanging, visual appeal, notation of technique and or production methods. 

2.    Suitability of fiber to yarn or product (40%): 

Skeins - Yarn to intended use - amount of twist, diameter of yarn, handle of yarn, and appropriate number of plies.
Fiber Arts - Fiber to finished product - appropriate product design and construction utilizing hand spun or commercially prepared fiber or yarns. 

3.    Technique (50%):

Skeins - twist evenly executed, appropriate twist in plying, diameter consistent throughout, structurally durable, dyeing/blending consistent.

Spun yarn must be submitted in skeins of at least one ounce, with three self yarn ties in figure eight. Fiber Arts - craftsmanship, tension, gauge/stitch size, correctness of finish, structural durability, selvedges/joins, correct needle size or weaving sett, finishing, notions. 

IYAK Members with paid, live yaks, entered in the 2019NWSS can enter up to three items free. For members not showing yaks, non-members, and entries in excess of three items, entries are $10.00 each. 

The on-line registration form may be found here:  https://www.iyak.org/fiber-competition

Entries must either be delivered to the IYAK tent by 9:00 am Thursday January 24th, or mailed (to be received by January 18th) with copy of the on-line entry form. 

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