What I’ve Learned from (and about) Yak 103

I’m no expert but visiting the yak show at the National Western Stock Show in Denver is invaluable.  We have been attending the show for the last 5 years. What a wonderful way to learn about yaks it is!

At the show you can:

  • see numerous yaks and compare and contrast them.

  • listen to judges’ assessment of the animals and their fiber (and decide whether you agree or disagree).

  • touch the yaks (or longhorn and bison).


At the show you can:

  • purchase yak fiber products.

  • sample and/or yak meat products.

  • purchase a yak (or a few).

  • attend some or all of the seminars on yaks and learn about many aspects of Tibetan yaks.

  • meet fellow yak breeders and discuss techniques for caring for your herd.  Everyone has an opinion!

  • network and make new connections with a variety of people.

  • volunteer to help with a yak event or join a committee.

  • mingle with yak breeders at the annual member dinner.


The experience is well worth it

The experience is well worth it just for the yak show portion, but there is so much more to enjoy at the Stock Show!  There are many types of cattle, horses, sheep, etc. There are amazing vendors to check. If you get hungry, there are a multitude of choices.  The grand finale for us is always the rodeo! The patriotism, bravery, strength, and talent displayed is inspiring!

Please consider joining IYAK next year!

Please consider joining us next year!  Oh, and you can always combine your Stock Show trek with an excursion to the mountains for powder skiing or a visit to some hot springs.



Suzanne Drumm

My husband and I have raised our family of 6 children in our favorite place on earth, Tully, NY.  Sixteen years ago we built our home and decided we wanted to raise livestock. He was raised on a dairy farm and my father was a veterinarian, so animals were a part of who we were and we wanted our kids to know the value of a hard days’ work.  Our first venture was with alpacas. We did it all: breeding, vet bills, shows, seminars, trips, visits, and a lot of buying and selling. Of course there were ups and downs with mistakes and successes along the way.

Being on the iyak board is an honor and I promise to do my best.  I am still learning as I go and am awed by the knowledge and dedication of the board members.  As I become more comfortable with my role, I hope to be able to contribute more.


Suzanne Drumm