I’m No Expert... What I’ve Learned from (and about) Yaks 102


Edition 102: Beauty, Awe, and Work

One thing farming has taught me to appreciate is the beauty of our world.  There are the easy things to appreciate like the awe-inspiring sight of a herd of yaks running towards you through a pasture.  Their tails are raised, their fiber is flowing in the wind, and their tongues are hanging out! Seeing a group of calves playing king of the mountain on a mound of manure is also beautiful.  A magnificent sunset over your freshly harvested hay is absolute contentment.


The amount of time I have to spend outside with my animals gives me lots of time to appreciate all of the amazing nature around us.  I have seen eagles flying over our property. We have foxes, coyotes, deer, and all of the usual critters. I have learned to identify the calls of most of the birds that live around us.

In farming you learn to enjoy the feeling of sore muscles after a hard day of work.  No matter what the weather or how you feel you know that your herd needs you and you have to go outside.  (Which is also a huge responsibility). There is beauty in the coldest day or even in a torrential downpour.  I am blessed to always have enough time in the sun, too!

The satisfaction of a job well done comes with farming also.  A clean barn. A full hay wagon. A healthy newborn calf or cria.  A freshly mowed yard.



My husband and I have raised our family of 6 children in our favorite place on earth, Tully, NY.  Sixteen years ago we built our home and decided we wanted to raise livestock. He was raised on a dairy farm and my father was a veterinarian, so animals were a part of who we were and we wanted our kids to know the value of a hard days’ work.  Our first venture was with alpacas. We did it all: breeding, vet bills, shows, seminars, trips, visits, and a lot of buying and selling. Of course there were ups and downs with mistakes and successes along the way.

Being on the iyak board is an honor and I promise to do my best.  I am still learning as I go and am awed by the knowledge and dedication of the board members.  As I become more comfortable with my role, I hope to be able to contribute more.


HealthSusanne Drumm