Yak Butter



Yak butter are obtained from milk through traditional churning technique often at upland pasture  The milk are poured into inflated goat skin bag or put into big round pot run by water power and are stirred for an hour to 2 hours The butter or cream are separated from the water milk and the butter are then wrapped it for sale in the Market or consumed it at home  Unfortunately, Local people and farmers of Baltistan has given up this tradition and now Yak butter are rarely available in the Market.

Yak: The Cryophilic Species Of Baltistan

The Book Titled as, “Yak: The cryophilic species of Baltistan” recently published by Ferozsons (Pvt.) LTD, Lahore (Pakistan) is a multi dimensional Book in 4 colour containing over 60 coloured pictures primarily written for general readers as well as Researchers, Scholars, Animal breeders, Ethologists Anthropologists and animal Scientists to get maximum knowledge about pure Yak found in the Himalayan and Karakorum valleys of Pakistan.

- Shakoor Ali

Shakoor Ali was born in Khaplu Baltistan, a remote area of Gilgit Baltistan, situated in the extreme north of Pakistan. He did Master in Zoology in 1997 from Azad Jammu and Kashmir University Mustaffar Abad, Pakistan. Since 1997, he has been teaching as Lecturer in the department of Biology at Public School and Degree College Skardu, Baltistan.  He is a man of many passions including travelling, hiking and fishing. Being found of hike, he covered almost all upland pastures and meadows of Baltistan during his 12 years devotion to Yak studies.

He has been interested in wildlife, history, tourism and anthropology of the area he belongs to. He strongly believes in collecting firsthand knowledge from the primary sources and is always ready for effort and hard work required to do so. He has been writing articles in magazines and newspapers. He intends to write wildlife, tourism, and culture of the area in future.  He is presently writing two Books at a time on Birds and fruits (Apricot).