Library, Yak Technical Papers

NAYR Denver Presentation 2015.pdf 926.3KB Information on the North American Yak Registry from the presentation given at the 2015 Member Meeting.
QiuNatGenet2012 843.7KB The yak genome and adaptation to life at high altitude.
Nature Genetics
Buzzard_etal_2010 88.6KB A globally important wild yak Bos mutus population in the Arjinshan Nature Reserve, Xinjiang, China
by Paul J . Buzzard, Hui Bin Zhang, Dong Hua XU and How Man Wong
Wild Yak Rut Ethology 106.3KB Sexual/aggressive behavior of wild yak (Bos mutus Prejevalsky, 1883) during the rut: implications for female choice
by Paul J. Buzzard, Donghua X & Huan Li
Conservation_of_Wild_Yak 12.0KB Conservation of wild yak for the benefits of hybridization with domestic yak on the Tibetan plateau, China
Dr. Paul J. Buzzard, China Exploration & Research Society
WangMolEcolResources2014 274.8KB Genome-wide variation within and between wild and
domestic yak
Genomic Research Presentation 2018 - view as .pdf 1.2MB
Genomic Research Presentation 2018 - view as Power Point 1.2MB

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