Government Affairs

FSIS Letter of Approval August 2015.jpg 754.8KB
Petition, USDA FSIS.pdf 14.1KB Petition presented to USDA FSIS by IYAK requesting that yak be added to the list of exotic species for meat inspection purposes.
USDA letter 12-3-2014003.pdf 145.1KB USDA letter of 12/3/2014 acknowledging receipt of IYAK petition and assignation of petition number.
Yak Industry Survey 2014.pdf 119.4KB Survey sent to the US yak industry to gather data in support of IYAK's petition to USDA FSIS.

Registration and Transfer

IYAK Animal Ownership Transfer 130.8KB Jul 24, 2018 10:11 AM

On-Line Yak Registration Form